Frequently Asked Questions

Allergy Information

Cheesecake products contain eggs. Some cakes contain nuts. Product may come into contact with a surface that was exposed to nuts. We advise anyone with a nut allergy to avoid our products.

General FAQs

Does Jason’s Cheesecake Company have a shop with standard hours of operation where I can walk in and purchase cheesecake? No, not at this time.

How much notice is required to place an order? All orders require a minimum of a 14 day notice.

Fundraiser FAQs

Who can do a Jason’s Cheesecake Company fundraiser? Any group of any size within a 100 mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA residing in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We are working diligently to expand our area.

Is there a minimum order requirement? Yes, there is a $500 minimum order for all fundraisers, but don’t worry! People love cheesecake!

What is the profit margin? Your group makes 40% of everything you sell.

Do toppings come on the cheesecakes? Toppings are NOT included on the 7-inch cheesecakes. Toppings ARE included with the cheesecake in a jar (whipped cream and crumbled cookies and candy) and on Teasecakes (cream cheese icing).

How are the products packaged? 7-inch cheesecakes are vacuum-sealed and frozen, then placed in a white cake box. Teasecakes come with six in a plastic container that is freezer-safe. Cheesecake in a jar comes in a pint-sized mason jar frozen. Jars are freezer-safe.

What is cheesecake in a jar? It is ready-to-eat cheesecake in a pint-sized mason jar topped with whipped cream and different crumbles on top. No need to cook or mix anything. Just defrost and you’re ready to eat!

Wholesale/Restaurant Opportunity FAQs

Is it possible to serve Jason’s Cheesecake Company products in our restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, etc.? Yes, we have established a wholesale program where we will work with any business to carry our products. Please contact us for more information and our price list.

I run a catering business. Is it possible to carry Jason’s Cheesecake Company products on my menu? Yes, you can choose to use our name when you serve them or white label them as your own. Please contact us for more information.

Weddings/Events FAQs

Does Jason’s Cheesecake Company make wedding cakes? Yes, we do make Teascakes and cheesecake in a jar for weddings, but we do not make decorated wedding cakes at this time. For pricing and cake options, please contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation wedding consultation.

I am having a party and want to serve cheesecakes, what do I do? We have special pricing for parties and events depending on the size of your party. Please call or email us and we will go over options and pricing. We require a minimum 2 week notice.